Who can be a vendor on Backstage Bazaar?

We welcome theatre professionals of all kinds to list their shops on BackStage Bazaar: actors, props artisans, directors, administrators, front of house staff, designers, costume technicians, run crew, stage managers. Anyone who is directly out of work, has reduced work, or has had to take a temporary non-theatre gig due to theatre industry closures is welcome here, and we hope to give your online sales a boost.

Is this for US artists only?

No! Worldwide professional theatre artists are welcome! We do ask that your listing be written in English, and that you offer international shipping, but we already have artists listed who are in the USA, Canada, and the UK!

I sell through Facebook/Instagram. Does that count as an online store?

Yes – if you have a system of accepting payments for your products or services that you list or display online, that counts as an online store. Your own proprietary website, Etsy store, Facebook Marketplace, or other online sales platform.

I worked for a production house rather than a theatre. What should I put under Affiliated Theatres?

You can list a few of the theatres your employer supplied, or you can list the name of the production house, or both. Best to describe the situation in your bio as well.

I make costumes for theatres out of my own workspace, but I am self employed. Can I participate?

Yes! You can list the theatres you have contracted with in the past or your own shop name as affiliated theatres.

I just graduated with a theatre degree, but I haven’t worked at a theatre very long yet. Can I list my online shop?

Yes – just list your theatre school as the Affiliated Theatre if you have no other theatres to list.

My friend is out of work and has an online store but she’s not a theatre professional. Can she list her store too?

We are focusing just on the theatre community with this site.

How much does it cost to list my shop?

Nothing. It’s really actually free. We will see if the contributions that come in are enough to keep it all going through the next year, but we definitely hope to keep Backstage Bazaar free for the vendors who need the boost.

I gave you my email when I registered – are you going to send me junk mail or post it somewhere?

We do not display your contact information anywhere on our site. On our short term wish list is an e-list for vendors to let you know of any changes to the site, additional advertising or assistance we’ve been able to secure, etc, but it isn’t set up at all right now. (It won’t be more than once a month even if it does get set up, and we will also offer an unsubscribe option if we do create the list.

I just contributed to Backstage Bazaar through the PayPal button. Is my gift tax deductable?

We are not yet an official charity, so we cannot offer tax receipts for your contributions. We are more like GoFundme at present. We will see where that goes, but for now, we offer you our sincerest gratitude for your contributions.

I listed my items but my tags are now different. What happened?

In the attempt to make the tags more useful as a search tool, we are consolidating tags so that we don’t list facemasks and Face Masks. The site is most useful if people can get many search results for one tag, so we are working to make the user experience better so that the users come back to shop again!  If you feel that we removed something important you can absolutely go back in and edit your listing and put the tags back the way they were.

This is awesome – How can I help Backstage Bazaar?

We’re so glad you asked! We have a long wish-list of things we’d like to add to the site, but all of that takes time and resources. Check out our Give us a hand page for some of the specific skillsets that we need right now. At the very least – tell your friends and spread the word! The more artists and arts workers we can list, the better the site will be.