Backstage Bazaar is the creation of Erin Slattery Black and Truly Carmichael

Erin and Truly met in 1995 at UT-Austin while completing our MFAs in Costume Design /Technology and have both worked extensively in the costume industry for over 20 years. Our work has been featured on stage and screen, from Broadway to the Alley Theatre and has been worn by celebrities ranging from Catherine O’Hara to Big Bird.

When the COVID crisis hit and theatres went dark, we rekindled our collaboration, putting our own resources and energy into finding a way to help the amazing artists in our personal networks and beyond to weather the current crisis. We have been working non-stop to build the site and promote it and we are simply thrilled with the response it has received.

Backstage Bazaar is a free, virtual marketplace showcasing the amazing art created by the theatre community while their industry is on hold. We link the online shops of actors, designers, directors, stage managers and technicians from the global theatre community with the theatre lovers who would like to support them by shopping at their stores. Artists list their shops with no listing fees and no percentage of their sales is taken out.

Staff: is a pure labor of love (and a lot of late-night phone calls.) We are so fortunate that the following industry professionals have given (lots!) of their time to making the Bazaar site work, keeping it going, and helping to get the word out.  This site would not exist without their heroic efforts and remarkable expertise.

  • Communications Consultant: Laura Hughes
  • Social Media Coordinator: Brier Barclay
  • Public Relations Coordinator: Clare Moore
  • Communications Coordinators: Michelle Mohammed, Jenniffer Anand, Carla Posada, Jaquelyn Kepley
  • Website Design and Construction: Ben Dechamps