Emily Czudak
Artist Bio:

Emily Czudak worked as a dresser and theatrical costumer on The Phantom of the Opera and at The Metropolitan Opera before the shutdown of the live entertainment industry. Since the lockdown, she's been taking classes and focusing on bolstering her small business on Etsy. Emily has a background in jewelry making that dates back to her high school days. Up until the lockdown, she also worked part time as an instructor at a jewelry design school in lower Manhattan. Using her background in silversmithing, she now creates one of a kind sterling silver jewelry in her home studio. Always looking for a new challenge, Emily also taught herself to create hand sewn gifts such as whimsical face masks, tote bags, video game console accessories, and hair scrunchies. She is always trying out new projects and adding to her shop, so please take a look! ♡

Store Description:

A lifelong admirer of small businesses, Emily sources her project materials from other small and local business as often as possible. Supporting the community is very important to her, so whether it's fabric, notions, stone, or metal, she makes a point to seek out a local seller. Emily believes that the magic of handmade jewelry stems from the intention of the focal point--the stone! So she makes sure to carefully hand pick each stone, crystal, or fossil to suit the needs of her project. This is why much of her fine jewelry is made only one time. For some projects, she will even use glass beads and kiln-formed cabochons that she's made herself. You can see some of her miniature glass sculptures are for sale as well! Emily occasionally uses recycled materials such as bullet casings and found objects in her work. When the project calls for it, Emily will carve a delicate wax model of her piece and then have it cast in silver before setting the stone and adding finishing touches. Every jewelry piece is hand finished and polished by Emily before going to a loving home. Emily's background in sewing from her time in the theatre guarantees high quality work in all her fabric gifts. You can shop at her small business knowing you'll be receiving top quality products that are made with love, and that you're making a difference in the entertainment community with your purchase. ♡ Follow her on instagram and facebook @yourworstemily for updates and special offers!