Tina Spencer
Artist Bio:

I’m a costumer/wardrobe dresser for Great Lakes Theatre in Cleveland and Idaho Shakespeare Festival. This year would’ve been my 6th year with Great Lakes and my 12th season with Idaho Shakespeare. I’m a First Hand with both companies which means I basically cut out all the fabric for the costumes. I LOVE my job! When we’re done building costumes I switch over to being a dresser for our shows, which means I work full time almost the entire year. I also worked part time at an alterations company. That meant that I went from working about 60 hours a week to 0. I had so much time on my hands that I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was sad, frustrated, and worried. About a month into the pandemic I realized I had an Etsy shop that had been sitting around for 10 years cause I didn’t have the time to put into it. Now I did. So I spent a couple weeks deciding what I wanted to create that I could sell to help pay the bills and that would help to give everyone a little of joy. I knew I didn’t want to make costumes as it was too complicated with all the restrictions in place and once I went back to work I would end up being burnt out. That’s when I realized that I knew how to knit, it’s still in my field, and I already had a sizeable stash of yarn. Once I made up my mind it was all downhill from there. Now I’m making beautiful creations that fill that creative need I have and I’m enjoying my work again.

Store Description:

I design and make knitted hats, fingerless gloves, cowls, etc. All of my designs are made using a combination of lace, cables, and beadwork. I live for color and love finding yarns that use unique combinations of colors as they make all the accessories so much fun to wear. If, however, you’re not into crazy color combos, I have a lot of solid color options available as well.