Yancy Cooper
Artist Bio:

Yancy Cooper, son of artist William Y. Cooper, learned art at this fathers knee. As a teen he started making picture frames for his father's oversized canvases. While living in Buffalo, he had the honor of restoring one of his father's outside murals which introduced him to art made for the outdoors. His skills expanded from wood to other materials including Styrofoam, steel and fabric while working as a Scenic Carpenter for almost 20 years at Studio Arena Theatre in his hometown of Buffalo, NY. When his career in theatre became more paperwork and less building, he created a shop in his home and started producing his own art. When his wife complained about the number of finished art projects laying around the house, #Yancyswoodart was born.

Store Description:

Yancy is intrigued with the idea of the wood telling him what the finished product will look like rather than trying to force the wood to react in a certain way. Most of his reclaimed pallet wood products were from deliveries to the Alley Theatre in Houston TX where he has worked the last 11 seasons. After the delivery was put away, Yancy would give the pallet a quick look over. If the wood spoke to him visually in any way, it was put aside to be taken apart during a future lunch hour. Later each board was examined and sorted. Some boards were milled to show the grain while others were milled to avoid wormholes and nail holes. He loves to create pieces that use the entire milled board which ends up dictating the dimensions of his final products.