Chelsea Laine
Artist Bio:

Willow Laine is a one woman show owned and operated by Chelsea Laine. Chelsea makes every product by hand (most to order) while running the daily aspects of owning a business. Chelsea has a BA and years of experience working in creative fields. Willow Laine combines many passions for Chelsea; being able to provide affordable natural options for personal care, having an outlet for creative inspiration, and being an active community member through participation in fundraising events and community markets.

Store Description:

Willow Laine produces all natural beauty/skin care products and handcrafted goods in an environmentally conscious, low-waste way. We aim to create products that you feel good about purchasing and we do our best to keep our prices affordable so that switching to natural and local is an easy choice. We give back to our community as much as we can through product donations and revenue sharing on certain products. We are a Canadian company and as part of our mission to be environmentally conscious, we only serve Canada.