Whimsy Stitches NYC
Artist Bio:

Hello! I'm a New York based Hair and Makeup Artist, with over 15 years of experience working as an artisan with theaters and operas across the country. Pre-pandemic, I was getting ready to head to Chicago to set up a new Broadway musical. I have a background (and BFA) in costuming, so when I learned of the shortage of PPE back in March, I started making masks for frontline workers, family, and friends. I've been adapting and perfecting my patterns for them ever since, and am now selling small batches in fun and novelty prints in my Etsy shop. I'm also making scrunchies, occasionally crocheted blankets, and am always happy to take custom stitching orders and collaborate with other small businesses.

Store Description:

Handmade, 100% Cotton, 2 layer masks (fitted and pleated styles); all have nose wires, and the option of either adjustable elastic or cotton twill ties. New whimsical, novelty, and geek-chic prints available for the new year!