Stephanie Fisher
Artist Bio:

A recent MFA graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, Stephanie Mae Fisher is now located in New York City, where she lives with her best friend. Prior to attending UT, she worked as a costume technician at Washington National Opera, Signature Theatre (VA), Great Lakes Theatre, Idaho Shakespeare Festival, and Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, among others. She has designed in New York, Ohio, Washington, D.C., Texas, Maryland, and Virginia. Her Etsy shop, WhimMadeWell, operates on a premise of change - Stephanie knows that making the same thing all the time is unsustainable for her, so the plan is to make things as the mood strikes and hope that people will follow along and purchase them! Though 2020 has been disheartening, to say the least, Stephanie hopes that this pause in theatrical production acts as a catalyst for positive change in the industry she dearly loves.

Store Description:

Currently, Stephanie’s shop is full of cozy 100% cotton flannel scarves with matching masks. These were born of a conversation with a friend - both parties expressing their excitement at having a real excuse to wear a nose warmer this winter! All scarves and masks (and scrunchies, coming soon) are made by Stephanie on either her 1960s turquoise Singer sewing machine and buttonholer, or her 1980s red Bernina Sport. She is learning to love her tiny bedroom-studio, making these sets and doing some custom work for friends including a stuffed animal, Christmas stockings, and a holiday dress. Looking ahead, Stephanie would like to offer free consultations leading to copying beloved garments for people, or creating bespoke historically-inspired cosplay or daily wear garments.