Truly Carmichael
Artist Bio:

Truly Carmichael is an award-winning professional costumer and milliner who holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in theatrical clothing construction and design. She has held various roles in costume shops across the country, including a full-time position as the Head Cutter/Draper at the Alley Theatre in Houston Texas. She was the painter/dyer/crafts artisan at the Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis. Now located in Ontario, Canada, she’s proud to be one of the cutter/tailors in the Shaw Festival Theatre’s costume department. She is very much looking forward to the next opening night. 

Store Description:

Truly Carmichael creates high-end, couture custom and ready-to-wear hats and special occasion headwear. Her couture creations have graced gala events, weddings, and derby/race days and have been featured on Stage and screen. She uses both modern and traditional techniques and is delighted to create hats for people of all ages and genders. Truly's unique interpretation of a standard eight-piece peaked cap has taken center stage on her offerings. Her Newsgirl/Bakerboi caps are meticulously cut and carefully matched to create kaleidoscope patterns out of sumptuous tapestry brocades. She accepts custom orders for those but the ones available on her online shop are ready-to ship. Domestic shipping is available in both the US and Canada, and international shipping is available worldwide.