Anne Marie Berman
Artist Bio:

With over 15 years of industry experience, Anne Marie Berman has dedicated her life to the theater arts - first as a performer then as a costume and wardrobe technician. Anne Marie was working as the Wardrobe and Makeup Lead for Blue Man group at Astor Place Theater in New York City when the pandemic hit and the theater was forced to close its doors. Like so many others in the costume industry, Anne Marie put her talents to good use and began making protective gear and homemade masks to donate to NYC area hospitals. And once cases in New York subsided and plateaued, she began offering these masks for sale on her website. This, coupled with a longstanding passion for vintage style and clothing construction lead Anne Marie to her latest endeavor - Thinly Veiled Vintage - selling masks as well as selling and restoring vintage garments. She hopes her shop will help inspire modern consumers to incorporate vintage pieces into their wardrobes more often - not only as an economic and eco-friendly option, but also as a means to support artists, craftsmen(women) and small business owners.

Store Description:

Carefully curated vintage pieces for sale, selectively chosen and lovingly restored to their full glory. Homemade protective masks with filter pockets, customizable and made to order.