Sharonlee Mclean
Artist Bio:

Working Actor for over 45 years. Los Angeles then jumped into Oregon. Wanted that San Francisco lifestyle I grew up with. American Conservatory Theatre for her foundation of Training. Started professionally in Musical Theatre. Actor, was a Dancer, Singer, Teacher, Student, Auditioner, Makes Mistakes, Surprising Audiences, creating a bit of a fan base!!! About to start working on her very first NEW WORLD OF ACTING Zoom Reading for the Fertile Ground Festival 2021. Oh boy, merging Film and Stage. Have my own Halo Light too! Participating in an Los Angeles based Reading group. Actors from all over joining to do the Zoom Readings. Meeting new actors from all over. Recently a Broadway Actor in Lockdown. Reunited with life time friends from Los Angeles in this group. Embracing the New World of Art.

Store Description:

I have a Pinterest Account. I discovered, through research, the MOST INCREDIBLE Artist who creates THE most incredibly stunning Dolls. She creates in Russia. Since I was a child I have always been interested in Designing. I use to make Wallpapers of Magazine Pictures from Fashion Week in Paris. New York Fashion, Cosmopolitan, Glamour Magazine and Vogue. When I was a teen I started to sew. Not only sew but design clothes for myself. I was lucky to be living in Germany for my Senior year. Talk about Glamour. I sewed something new every single week. I never wore the same Outfit twice. When I came back to San Francisco I made my own costumes for shows. Then made my career in Los Angeles. I stopped sewing because I no longer had the time. So now after 45 years **** This Artist from Russia WAS SUCH AN INSPIRATION that I started doing my own research. I found incredible European Dolls that I could design. Then started the experimenting process. Hence, my own Doll Shop. My Dolls are: RUNWAY HIGH FASHION MODEL DOLLS. Completely Unique Couture Fashion. Each Doll Model has their very own distinct name and personality. They each have their very own Birth Certificate. Their Births are when I am completely finished and ready to Display in my Shop. These Model Dolls are NOT toys. They are only to be displayed or for collectors. The owner cannot change the wardrobe. Everything is permanent. To me they are Works of Art. Pieces of Art.