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Sierra Schoening
Artist Bio:

My name is Sierra Schoening and I'm a freelance puppet and prop builder. I first started my Etsy shop because I love making and creating weird or off humor things. I'm often inspired by bad movies, cryptozoology, and kitties. My special flavor of work is to take something you know and love but add a little twisted sense of humor to it. Now with Covid being what it is I've had to shift gears and try pushing my own work more instead of relying solely on my freelance. With that being said I hope you find some cute and weird things in my shop and I wish you all a safe and happy holiday hunt!

Store Description:

All the products in my shop are designed and created by me in Brooklyn NY. I strive to make the best quality products I can and lovingly ship them off in a timely manner to their new homes. I also have shops up on Society6 and Spoonflower(if you want to buy yardage of fabric patterns). Follow me on Instagram @TheBleepBloopShop for updates and sales.