Matthew Crane
Artist Bio:

Matthew Crane is a freelance scenic designer, and Sarah Zinn is a freelance costume designer and fabricator. They met at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University while each pursuing an MFA in their respective design fields. Since leaving MGSA, they worked a variety of theatre jobs across the east coast, based in New Jersey. Due to COVID, they moved to Colorado to be with family, but are excited to hopefully begin new freelance careers in the theatres out west when we can all safely gather together again.

Store Description:

Thanks to COVID making theaters dark nationwide, myself (a set designer), and my partner (a costume designer), decided to make a small pivot and start to make and sell theatrically inclined jewelry, stickers, pins, etc. and face masks of course (#safetyissexy). I've always loved the scale model part of set design, and this really helps to satisfy that creative outlet while making products for our community. We're happy to collaborate on ideas for pieces that may not be listed or other types of jewelry, send me a message!