Strong Fox
Artist Bio:

Gabrielle Strong lives up to her name in all things she does. She is an innovator, creator, artist, and designer that will bring strength, determination, intelligence, and creativity to each design. Her background includes design, performance, and management which allows her to think more broadly than one specific discipline. Collaboration and storytelling are at the root of her process. Though Jackie has filled the role of lighting designer, scenic designer, graphic designer, art director, creative director, consultant, educator, and interior designer, she considers herself a visual artist first. Artistry and the marriage of form and function live at the forefront of all that Jackie does. She is an innovator, collaborator, and creator that aims to explore the vulnerability of the human condition and human behavior in the face of conflict. She believes that the best art is disruptive, subversive, and pushes us to examine the most difficult elements of our psyche.

Store Description:

At Strong+Fox designs we aim to create simple yet design forward pieces that can be added to any collection. Each piece is hand crafted and made with every customer in mind. We believe that every space has and a story and every story has a space!