Sharonlee Mclean
Artist Bio:

Grew up in a house filled with music, film, TV, Vinyl Records. In other words * an Artists household. From childhood I was always interested in Art. Could not wait to get to my Art Class from Junior High on up. In the 90's I was drawn to the canvas and started to paint. I developed my own crude expression of colors, people and Pots. Yes, Pots!! I actually would do a painting then take a blank pot and paint it to match the painting. I would sell them as a package. I was lucky to get a booth in a really cool Artists Hub on Ventura Blvd. in Los Angeles. It was all so inspiring. I sign my paintings with my Father's nickname for me. "Sheri". Sold a few. Gave a few. Then my Acting career came back in full bloom and did not have the time to focus on my Brushes and Canvas. All was put into storage for about 20 something years. The Pandemic opened my eyes and forced me to look at my life. Pay attention to all that I could do. And so, I picked up a brush and a few of my tools and stood still for awhile . Then. One step at a time, I found myself in an Art Store, Bought some canvas and have been putting some feelings down on the blank, flat, white surfaces. Working on a piece right now. Have two more that I have sketched out, just waiting for me to commit. And so THE NEW WORLD.

Store Description:

Two Dimensional, Childlike Expression with: color: **** focusing on Women of the world. I also have been using other elements: Fabric, Ribbon, Glitter, and Jewels. I am really into the mixed media of: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Pencil. Texture. I love Texture. I think I will be adding: Titles. Not sure just yet.