Owner of Scared of my Shadow
Alisa Kleckner
Artist Bio:

Working within both the professional and academic communities, Alisa has designed and built costumes, masks, puppets, and f/x makeup for over 200 theatrical productions in the Northeast. As an adjunct educator, she teaches a range of courses in theatre design and technology as well as foundations classes in art, 3D printing and digital fabrication, and entrepreneurship in the arts apprenticeships. Beyond her traditional theatre endeavors, Alisa operates Scared of My Shadow, a leather mask business (www.scared-of-my-shadow.com) in which she specializes in creating wearable art pieces.

Store Description:

Scared of my Shadow, LLC is a boutique purveyor of exquisitely crafted leather masks, headdresses and accessories. We take pride in developing a truly unique product that is fashioned for dramatic effect AND extreme comfort, boasting multiple points of adjustability. We even offer items for eyeglass wearers! If you are searching for something that caters to a discerning clientele, Scared of my Shadow’s line includes limited production pieces and one-of-a-kind SOMS Signature works that are both made to be worn as well as valued by collectors. Scared of my Shadow is a woman owned and operated business whose mission is to create original, high quality work while mentoring the next generation of leather artists and maker-based entrepreneurs. With nearly 20 years of professional design and construction expertise in costumes, masks and props, Scared of my Shadow prides itself on engineering a hauntingly stunning piece of wearable art without sacrificing comfort. All SOMS products are handmade in the USA.