Rebekah Ryan
Artist Bio:

I recently graduated and was working on cruise ships as a stage technician when Covid-19 hit. I was desperate for an outlet to explore my creativity. Always wanting to try ceramics, I threw my first ball of clay back in May. I have developed such a love for the craft and wanted to share it with you. I come from a big family so my studio is very small but I love it when my siblings walk in and out, wondering how my next creation will turn out. I create new pots everyday, always exploring new forms, glaze combinations, and alterations.

Store Description:

Experiment through clay with a self-taught ceramic artist to create “uniquely beautiful” handmade pottery. I started my shop because I love sharing art. I began pottery in May 2020 during the pandemic. I work hard to create pieces that not only satisfy my customers but also teaches me something about ceramics. Form is my favorite way to delve into new ideas and designs. As you will see my pieces have very distinctive shapes and alterations to them. I mainly use Earthenware and Stoneware clay but I hope to add porcelain to the list soon. I know how alluring ceramics can be so I aim to share my process with you. Though, I have a small kiln, I create everyday so my shop will always be updating. Why Roses are Red? Since I was a baby, roses have been a significant symbol in my life. In my orphanage in China, I was bundled up in a comfy onesie with an embroidered rose. Ever since then, my grandmother has called me Princess Rosebud. I love working with people and collaborating so let me know what you think of my pieces or if you would like to co-design a piece of your own! Thank you so much for joining me on my journey. I hope you find something you like!