Persimmon Peak: Owner Jen and studio cat Marmalade
Persimmon Peak
Artist Bio:

I’m Jen Siow, the owner, artist, and maker behind this very small business! Always helping me with projects is my studio cat, Marmalade. I started Persimmon Peak in October 2019 to supplement my theatre career as a freelance costume technician and designer. When the pandemic hit and I lost my theatre contracts, I took it as an opportunity to start growing my dream business. It’s been a tumultuous year but I’m so happy to have a chance to make this happen!

Store Description:

Here at Persimmon Peak, we make pet gear, accessories, and art that bring a dash of style and humor to the lives of pet parents and their fur kids. In addition to making handmade pet gear and accessories, I also draw an original pet comic, The Persnickety Pets, and write a blog for pet parents, The PawPrint Chronicles.