Jillian DeMayo
Artist Bio:

Jillian learned how to sew and taught herself pattern-making by age 13. She attended an Arts Magnet High School where she designed and made costumes for many of their theater productions, in addition to making and selling custom designs. Jillian graduated from Parsons The New School for Design in 2013 with a BFA in Fashion Design and found happiness in the costume shop at John Kristiansen New York. Before the pandemic, Jillian was making costumes for Broadway shows in Manhattan. After a month of being stuck at home, her heart felt heavy in the state of our world. The shortage of PPE gave artists a call to action. "I have the skills, I have to do something" she told herself, "the least I can do is make masks."

Store Description:

Jillian created her brand, Olympia Anima, inspired by her great grandmother, who served her community as a sheriff, was impeccably dressed, and always had a smile on her face. It became Jillian’s mission to create the most comfortable, functional, and attractive face masks in the market. She researched the materials most effective at blocking the spread of respiratory particles according to the CDC guidelines and studies conducted by Notre Dame University, among others. Aside from N95 and surgical masks, which are both disposable options, she learned two layers of quilting cotton to be most effective, followed by polypropylene, which is the unsterilized material used for surgical masks. Therefore, Jillian uses two layers of quilting cotton and a sewn-in layer of polypropylene to be most effective. Not only does the sewn-in filter increase protection, it reduces waste and is machine washable, making a more sustainable product. Olympia Anima face masks are available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Child. Every mask features adjustable ear elastics, a neck strap, and the option to add a nose wire. Jillian set out to provide a complete product that gave people confidence and comfort. That is why Olympia Anima face masks are design with LOVE and YOU in mind. Olympia Anima now offers matching headbands, scrunchies, and pet bandanas!