Laura Manns
Artist Bio:

Hi! I'm Laura Manns and I am an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. By day, I am a freelance puppet and prop builder for the Jim Henson Company, as well as a few other fabrication studios around the city that specialize in children's entertainment. By night, I love to draw your cute pets! My work is inspired by Golden Books, cartoons, whimsy, and the bond between animals and people.

By using a few reference photos of your pet, and learning a little bit about their personality, I create bespoke portraits done in a soft pastel style with a retro flair. On my website, you have the ability to customize the portrait to your budget by choosing the size of the print, the type of background, and the number of pets. There is also the option to include you in the picture! My work is created digitally, and you come away with a physical print and digital file for sharing on social media if you choose to. My portraits make for thoughtful Christmas, wedding, and birthday gifts!

Instagram @lauramanns and @mannsbestfriendportraits

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