lisa borton lakeside silver
Lisa Borton
Artist Bio:

Lisa Borton started her metalsmithing journey after working as a props painter for the Santa Fe Opera and falling in love with the Southwest's turquoise and silver jewelry. When she returned home to Michigan she found a beginning metalsmithing class to turn a piece of souvenir turquoise into jewelry, and as a creative outlet outside of theatre. She's currently the resident costume designer at the University of Michigan-Flint, and while she's glad to have the teaching portion of her job in tact, the design and managing producer portions have been put on hold.

Store Description:

Lakeside Silver is an homage to the great state of Michigan. Here, we have lakes galore, and it's hard not to grow up exploring them and vacationing in-state rather than out. Michigan is also home to many beautiful rocks, including the state stone, the Petoskey. If you grew up or vacationed in Michigan you probably found one washed up on a beach and brought it home as a little memento. Creating jewelry that helps remind us of trips taken, family or friends we love, and a state she adores is what fuels Lisa's creativity. Heirloom jewelry for heirloom memories.