Jacquelyn Kepley
Artist Bio:

Jacquelyn is a New York City based theater artist. She pursues a range of theatrical art from design, to crafting, to assisting, and more. Her happiest moments are in the midst of creation, and she loves to get her hands on her work. She can almost always be found knitting, and welcomes any chance to learn a new skill.

Store Description:

Through her 10 years of crafting and theatrical experience Jacquelyn Kepley has learned and pursued a variety of mediums and methods. In her shop you'll find the varied and wide-ranging byproducts of her creative ventures. From jewelry to knitwear, sewing to soldering, each piece is made carefully by hand with you in mind. Her current foci are COVID face masks, knitware, and beaded jewelry.  Always interested in trying something new, Jacquelyn welcomes custom commissions, requests, or questions about her work. Find more photos and projects at jacquelynkepleydesign.com and @jacquelynkepleydesign on instagram