Cass with the sky behind her
Cass Westover
Artist Bio:

After almost a decade as an integral collaborator and leader of Chicago Shakespeare’s Props department, Cass to set out to build a company that would highlight amazing, homegrown products from artists and small businesses, all year round. Her design and crafting skills, as well as a passion for eco-conscious choices, make these gifts feel good—both giving and receiving.

We have seen such tenacity and genuine spirit in our vendors, that it’s become clear to us: the future is rooted in small businesses. Of course, we include the incredible artists and artisans in that statement, since their ability to adapt their skills to meet a different market is impressive and inspiring. We're proud to be counted among them.

Store Description:

Gift giving can be difficult, even in “normal times.” Homegrown Wrappings sources products made by small businesses and skilled craftspeople which are then artfully assembled into gift bundles for you or your loved one. A balanced and beautiful gift bundle may have small-batch jam, hand dipped caramels, and a jar of classic sport peppers alongside a Chicago skyline tumbler, fashion bow tie, and a singular greeting card. Additionally, you can select one of our many refurbished picture frames, and Homegrown Wrappings will print the picture of your choice and set it in the frame, as the centerpiece for your gift. Buying a gift from Homegrown Wrappings supports the community in more than just featuring local, small-made products. Like many people who have noticed the excessive waste that is poisoning our world, we are committed to approaching every aspect of our business from the most eco-friendly perspective that we can. Cass is a member of the Plant Chicago Small Business Leaders, she’s been a staff member and influencer for the Chicago Green Theater Alliance for a number of years, and she looks forward to engaging with even more partners of the circular economy through the Chicago Market Co-op. Take a look through the website. These gifts feel good to give AND receive. It’s the whole package.