Sim Suzer
Artist Bio:

Sim Suzer is an upcoming theatre designer who graduated from Ryerson University in 2017. Over the past 3 years she has been designing and assisting designing set and costumes for theatre shows in and around Toronto and she has been working as one of the assistant designers at The Shaw Festival for their past 2 seasons. Sim comes from an art back ground and has been a very craft/hands on person all her life. Since the pandemic, like many other theatre workers Sim was also forced to stay away from what she love to do. So she turned her way to designing and handmaking one of a kind pillows, pet beds and other home accessories from upcycled fabrics and materials.

Store Description:

Hands of Sim is proud to present high quality and unique products. Every pillow and pet bed is handmade using 100% upcycled fabrics and materials and sustainable sources and Sim's mission is to divert textile waste from landfills by converting it into functional and fun home accessories. The pillow inserts are made from left over pieced of polyester pillow stuffing and foam. Every week Sim goes to to a local upholstery business and collect left over stuffing that would otherwise end up in a landfill.