Sharonlee Mclean
Artist Bio:

Sharonlee reigns from Los Angeles. She studied at the American Conservatory Theatre where she was born and raised. The Los Angeles life scored her work in Television, Film and live Stage. Making National Commercials allowed her to work as a fulltime actor. Was on a smashing Soap for about 1 year and a half. "Santa Barbara" handed her a bit of fame. The 1994 Earthquake jolted her into moving to Oregon starting her on the road to a completely different lifestyle. Got a great agent, started working right away in feature films. Not so lucky in the commercial department. Was discovered by a woman named Diane Englert and jumped right into doing Live Theatre. Her main stage was Portland Center Stage. Sharonlee has won 6 Awards for her stage work. Recently she won a Best Actor Award for a leading role in a Short Film entitled "Go Missing". She has been involved in a Music Video and one new Feature Film. Sharonlee is about to do her first new world Zoom Playreading called "Cat Napper" for the Fertile Ground Festival. She has embraced the new world and all it has to offer. Looking forward with hope. Learning the new!!!!! She loves the merging of Film and Stage.

Store Description:

My Art is original. Items are never duplicated. One of of kind. Just for y'all. The name "GarbogeKnits" comes from yarns that no one wanted. People would give me the yarns they were about to throw away. My style is mixing and matching yarns that no one would ever think to put together. For some reason I see the odd and unusual and it always seems to work. I don't follow patterns. The yarns speak to me. Their textures, thickness, colors dictate what is about to happen. What I start with never ends up to what I first envisioned. Some of my Art is wacky! appealing to particular types of personalities. Jump up and down fun! I have great designs for growing young people!! Come visit ***** Sales going on right now!