Mattie Ernst
Artist Bio:

I am a Minneapolis-based theater and textile artist. I love to work and create with my hands. I’ve always been fascinated by nature, and my favorite color is all of them. For that reason, botanical printing is fulfilling to me on so many levels. While on this hiatus from my theater work, I can usually be found outside gathering leaves and plants for my next print!

Store Description:

I use textiles and paper to showcase the beauty of nature by combining natural dyes with prints from locally foraged leaves and plants. Just as each leaf on a tree is unique, so is every print and I enjoy exploring the full potential of each plant I choose to use. Each piece of wool, silk, cotton, or paper, is carefully dyed, bundled, and steamed to showcase nature's beauty by using the pigments, tannins, and acids present inside real leaves and flowers. As a life-long sewer, I find fabric to be an intimate medium that invites us to develop a personal relationship with the items we wear and use.  In my store you'll find silk scarves, wool earrings and bags, coasters and can cozies, art prints, face masks, and more.