Emily Stein
Artist Bio:

My name is Emily Stein and I am a costume designer and wardrobe professional. I have been active in theatre in various capacities for over 10 years. I've been active in my local community theatre both as a paid costume designer and as a volunteer wardrobe supervisor. I've worked at Mason Street Warehouse for 2 seasons and had a contract signed for my 3rd before COVID shut the world down. I've been on 3 national tours, 2 as the Head of Wardrobe and 1 as the Wardrobe Assistant/Head of Wigs. I had hopes of being back on the road this fall, but again, COVID. Obviously my plans significantly changed and with that I've decided to go to Grad School to pursue a degree in Costume Design. While on this extended intermission, I decided to use my skills to make a little extra money and to keep me busy and thus Carpetbag Adventures was born! I'm a huge Disney and Pop Culture fan and you'll see that reflected in my work. I'm in the process of adding more products to my shop, but for now, shop around!

Store Description:

Every item is handmade with care and an eye for every detail. I love pattern mixing so I have a ton of fun picking out fabric! I use complimentary thread and ribbon to make sure ever item looks neat and professional. Items are machine washable. I am available to discuss custom orders whether that be a custom item or custom fabric, just send me a message! I truly love making every item and pour my heart into my work!