Shelley Butler
Artist Bio:

Prior to the pandemic, Shelley Butler and West Hyler were flourishing as theater directors; they worked on a combined 7 Broadway Shows, including the smash hits Jersey Boys, Beautiful, and the Cirque Du Soliel Musical, Paramour. They have directed, developed and premiered work professionally for over 20+ years in the US and abroad and held leadership positions at award-winning non- profit institutions. They also are married to each other and have a son, Dashiell. The pandemic brought all of their work to a complete halt. Questing for new ways to collaborate with writers and artists whose work we love and admire, and to create work for themselves and others, they created Artistic Stamp. They are deeply grateful for your patronage and your support of artists in these challenging times.

Store Description:

Artistic Stamp takes you on an intimate journey via handwritten correspondence between you and a character in one of our unique adventures. Be their confidante, react to the letters and objects they send, and play a role in deciding their fate. A six letter story arc customized for each audience member plays out over the course of 4 months.. In creating thrilling, entertaining, thought-provoking plays-by-post, we make intimate connections that expand empathy. The opportunity to interact directly with stories--to truly engage—amplifies the capacity for compassion and insight. A diversity of people, experiences, and ideas is fundamental to the stories we tell. Together we deliver a bespoke adventure, tailored for each participant. In a time when audiences can't venture out, we bring the adventure to them.