Artist Bio:

Arden M. Donnelly has been working in costume production and design since 2008 and holds an MFA in Theater Arts - Costume Technology from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University. Currently based in Jersey City, they have worked at Parsons-Meares as a first hand for four years, on everything from founding fathers to ice-skating sea anemones. They have also worked as a draper at Paper Mill Playhouse, George Street Playhouse, and Shakespeare & Co, stitched for shops and designers all over the Northeast, and designed and built for custom clients in the reenactment, cosplay, and Live Action Role Playing communities.

Store Description:

ArDan Forest was established in the early days of 2020 - by Arden, a costume technician, and Dan, a self-taught armor-smith - with the intention of creating costumes and armor under one roof to enhance the incredible stories that live role playing can tell. Both of us had been creating custom work previously, and after several successful combined projects, hatched a plan to expand. However, after the COVID-19 pandemic led to the cancellation of all the 2020 events we had planned for and shut down live theatre, we realized we would have to shift focus. Since the beginning of the shutdown in mid-March, Arden has made hundreds of masks, both customs for friends and family and as donations to hospitals, transitional housing facilities, and community organizations. We hope these creations bring a little more fun to our customers, and add a little character to your everyday adventures.