Tristan Hansen
Artist Bio:

Since my 20+ year career of doing props in theatre production has come to a screeching halt, I am attempting to pivot into work that utilizes all my creative instincts. I started this store in the way back (2008!) and have been pretty inactive on it, until now! Life is busy working and surviving as a single mom of an amazing little person. An outlet was needed so I took the recent shutdown to create a fantastic workspace and have started to dabble, again, in the things that make me happy. Mostly, creating and making. These strange times have made me reassess and refocus life in a way I never thought it would have to. (Not like this, anyways.) I am so excited to share with you the journey and all the little things that will be coming out of my studio space.

Store Description:

I like making little things like jewelry and miniatures. Pieces are designed and inspired by the materials at hand. I like to reuse old jewelry and game pieces and flip them into something new. My current dabblings in resin art has moved me into new directions of creation and I have expanded my skills into wood burning, etching and foil work.