Liz Baehr
Artist Bio:

I make handmade handbags, clutches, headbands and other accessories in my home studio in Delaware. I thrive on playing with pattern and color. I like to use a mix of fabrics including vintage style with a modern aesthetic, bold and colorful patterns, and playfully stylish. Im also a fiber artist exploring knitting, weaving, ice dying, and needlepoint, a propsmaster, and a generally crafty maker of things! ​

Store Description:

What started as making a few bags for friends and coworkers in 2011 has grown into a a passion of mine! While working as a props master outside Philly I started making some bags out of the great fabrics I came across while prop shopping.  From there the ideas grew and flourished!  I’m currently the props master for the Resident Ensemble Players at the University of Delaware and making many different types of fabric things “for living life” as a colleague deescribed it, from bowl cozies to aprons, masks to handbags, and some ice dye and Bargello thrown in for fun.  I’ve spent a lot of this year making masks, starting with donating in the spring, to now making unique fun variations. I love hunting down interesting fabrics and patterns and finding new combinations of patterns and colors. I strive to make my process as low waste as possible, from pattern design to finishing. I’m always playing with new ideas and patterns, you never know what will be next!